The American Corner Budapest Library is open to the general public. The opening hours during the ACADEMIC YEAR between September 15th and May 15th (effective as of January 1, 2013) are the following:

Monday :: By appointment only
Tuesday and Thursday  :: 1 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday :: 8 am – 4 pm
Friday :: Closed

:: Please note that during holidays and winter/summer recess, you can always e-mail us at ::

:: If you should need urgent assistance, please contact REBEKA GAZSI at ::

Please note that due to technical reasons,

the American Corner Budapest LIBRARY will operate with reduced hours

between April 15th and May 15th, 2017.

The Corner Library will be open

between  4pm-7pm on Tuesdays/Thursday and between 8am-4pm on Wednesdays.

American Corner programs will be held as scheduled.


Members can visit the Library and use the resources on-site. The borrowing of Library items started on April 1, 2009. Note that the opening hours are subject to change. Please always refer to the AC website for updated information, including the opening hours of the Library.

Use of Library facilities and registration for membership are free of charge

At registration, new members receive a library card with a membership number. The personal data of the Library Members are necessary for the secure and effective operation of the Library service. No data is transmitted to a third party or person. Library cards are valid until cancelation of membership. Library cards are under no circumstances transferable.

Loans are recorded on the Library Sheet of the Corner as well as on the personal library cards.

Members can borrow up to 2 books and 2 multimedia items at one time.

Newspapers, journals and periodicals may also be borrowed as of September, 2010.Members can borrow up to 2 items for 2 weeks

Special books such as encyclopedias, reference books, special collections cannot be borrowed from the Library.

The period of loan is two weeks for books and one week for multimedia (CD, DVD, VHS) items.

Unless an item is reserved by another Member, the loan period can be renewed only once by phone or in person during Library hours.

In case of borrowing a multimedia item (CD, VHS, DVD), a deposit of 1,000 HUF is required to be paid for the Library. Test preparation books require a deposit of 5,000 HUF. The deposit should be paid in exact change as we are unable to provide change.  The deposit is returned once the item is brought back to the Library. 

In case of late return of borrowed items, borrowers are liable to pay a fine of 50 HUF / day / item. Fines must be paid at return to the Library. Fines should be paid in exact change as we are unable to provide change. Membership of borrowers with unadjusted liabilities will be suspended until they pay their score.

Library items on loan are under no circumstances transferable. Borrowers are responsible for the return of items borrowed on their cards.

Users are responsible for all the books and other items in their use as well as all charges incurred in respect of such items. In case of loss or damage, users are liable to pay a replacement charge as determined by the Library. In case borrowed items are damaged, borrowers will be charged a 25% fine on the value of the item. If borrowed items are lost, the library member is responsible for the full cost of replacing the item. The price of the Library items are based on a quoted price on

Note that library visitors may use the printer and the xerox machine of the Corner office for a limit of 10 pages per visit, provided that the printed/xeroxed material is strictly related to research on the United States. Printing facilities are located in the Salt House building in an office adjacent to the Corner Library. Xerox machines are located at the University Store, on the ground floor of the Main Building of the Corvinus Campus.

Multimedia items can be watched on-site only for educational purposes by a class with a teacher or a supervisor. Permission and room reservation for a multimedia session is required two weeks in advance from the Corner Director.

Note that cell phones cannot be used in the Library. Similarly, smoking, eating and drinking are also prohibited on the territory of the Library. Also, please be respectful of the Library atmosphere and refrain from talking loudly. In addition, visitors to the Library and participants in the American Corner programs are required to respect the space, property and comfort of other visitors and guests by maintaining a standard of personal hygiene, dress and behavior. If the above mentioned standards are not met, it is at the discretion of the Library staff to ask those in violation to leave.

Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the Library as the American Corner has no responsibility in case of damage or loss of personal properties.

Please be advised that staying in the Library is not permitted if an American Corner staff member  cannot be present.

The American Corner keeps the right to change the Library rules at any time.