• In commemoration of African American History Month celebrated in February, a U.S. delegation of mentors will be visiting Hungary, organized by the Great Lakes Concortium for International Training and Development and the Civil College Foundation. The American Corner Budapest organizes high school outreach programs for the mentors. ANTHONY SHIELDS and MIKE GRIFFIN from NOC (Neighborhoods Organizing for Change) will be delivering presentations on neighbourhood organizing and the importance of African American History Month.

    ANTHONY SHIELDS :: Deputy Field Director :: NOC, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change :: Anthony Shields is a graduate of University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a major in Youth Studies. During college, he  was involved in leadership roles within racial equity and Black student group. While fighting for social justice, Shields expresses himself through spoken word and visual art.

    MIKE GRIFFIN :: Field Director :: NOC, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change :: Mike Griffin is a graduate from the University of Minnesota. He started as an organizer for President Obama in 2008, which gave him extensive experience building ambitious engagement campaigns. Most recently, he served as the director of campaigns with FairVote MN. Before that, he was the lead of the campus program at the University of Minnesota for Minnesotans United for All Families.